Sam Boshielo - Director

Welcome to Känguru

My name is Sam Boshielo, the Director of Känguru Foundation for disabled children NPO in South Africa. Känguru aims at giving quality life to children with severe physical disabilities.

The model of intervention used by Känguru was developed by IFB over fifty years. It is led by awareness of implication of different disabilities, and by the difference learning and social experiences may make for a more meaningful life of disabled children.



I welcome you all to add value to services rendered by Känguru.

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Welcome to Känguru

Get to know us better: We usually are always very happy about visitors. Since this is currently not possible, we want to give you a virtual view into our home. Click here to see our home.
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Everyone can help, every cent counts. Thank you.

Our bank details
Bank: ABSA bank
Account No.: 4071470731
Branch code: 632005